Page-Nelson Society Events

Society meetings
Several admission-paid events are open to full and associate members, their families, and guests. These events are entirely self-supporting and, only in very rare instances, may be designated as partially tax-exempt to attendees.  

Annual meetings and tours
The Society holds an annual meeting program that offers members opportunities to tour and gain information about sites (both public and privately owned) associated with Pages and Nelsons and related families that have played significant roles in colonial and early federal history. These meetings frequently celebrate the contributions of Thomas Nelson, Jr., signer of the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary governor of Virginia, and Governor John Page of Rosewell, Revolutionary patriot and member of the first U.S. congress. Society events also focus on collateral family connections, from whom many members descend, including Robert "King" Carter of Corotoman, Nicolas Martiau, William Byrd I, Benjamin Harrison IV of Berkeley, and Bishop William Meade.  

Family Reunions
Every three or four years, the Society holds a Reunion in an area of particular historical interest and relevance to members of the Page and Nelson families. These events generally occupy three days, include annual business meetings, programs of historical interest, tours of houses, churches, and public buildings relevant to family interest, and festive meals that give cousins the chance to get acquainted and reacquainted.  

Other participatory events
Members also participate in events of historical significance. These include Yorktown Day, held annually on October 19, to celebrate the 1781 surrender of Lord Charles Cornwallis to General George Washington, effectively ending the American Revolution; and the Yorktown Tea Party reenactment previously scheduled for the first weekend in November (subject to change).

Upcoming Society Events

 The following events are open to full and associate members, their families, and guests. Reservation forms for each event with detailed information about meeting places and admission will be posted three to six months in advance for those interested in attending.

  • 2017 Annual Meeting, Luncheon & Tour - Details to be announced when finalized.

Recent Society Events

Family Reunions & Annual Meetings

  • 1994 - Family Reunion - Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester County, Virginia
  • 1997 - Family Reunion - Home (Turkey Hill, Kinlock Farm, Belvoir-Cemetery, Maxfield Farm, Cloverfield Farm, Castle Hill Farm), Cismont/Keswick, Virginia, Grace Church (Cismont), University of Virginia tour, and Boar's Head Inn (Dinner)
  • 2000 - Annual Meeting - Grace Church (Yorktown)
  • 2001 - Annual Meeting -  Clarke County, Virginia
  • 2002 - Family Reunion - Abingdon Church and Rosewell (Gloucester), Bruton Parish Church (Williamsburg), Yorktown
  • 2003 - Annual Meeting -  Historic Christ Church and the site of Corotoman, home of Robert "King" Carter, Lancaster County, Virginia
  • 2004 - Annual Meeting -  James River Plantations -  Westover, built by William Byrd I, and Berkeley, built by Benjamin Harrison III
  • 2005 - Annual Meeting -  Jamestown
  • 2006 - Family Reunion -  St. John's Church & Cemetery (Richmond) and Capital Square (Richmond), homes (Oakland, Springfield, Edgewood, Taylor's Creek), Old Fork Church, Sycamore Tavern (Montpelier)
  • 2007 - Annual Meeting -  Stratford Hall (birthplace of two Signers of the Declaration of Independence, and a generation later - of Robert E. Lee)
  • 2008 - Annual Meeting -  The Mariners' Museum - Newport News, VA
  • 2009 - Annual Meeting -  Yorktown, York County, VA
  • 2010 - Family Reunion - Williamsburg, Yorktown, Gloucester County, Virginia
  • 2011 - Annual Meeting -  Long Branch, Clark County, VA (Cancelled due to snow!)
  • 2012 - Annual Meeting -  Long Branch, Clark County, VA
  • 2013 - Annual Meeting -  Warsaw, Va - Menokin (home of signer of the Declaration of independence, Francis Lightfoot Lee) and Sabine Hall (Home of Col Landon Carter, the son of Robert "King" Carter).
  • 2014 - Family Reunion - Williamsburg, Yorktown, Rosewell BBQ, Gloucester County, Virginia
  • 2015 - Annual Meeting -  Christ Church
  • 2016 - Annual Meeting -  Rosewell Plantation and the Exchange